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About US

24/7 WordPress website maintenance and hosting services for serious website owners


Who We Are

We want to be the very best technical support partner for any individual, business or organization with a WordPress website. You know how hard it is to find a dependable WordPress developer and keep your website happy and healthy. Well, problem solved.

What We Do

We handle unlimited editsperformance enhancementsdaily health maintenance and regular security troubleshooting so you don’t have to. This allows you to make bold decisions when it comes to your website without hesitating due to technical restraints.

Our Mission

Everything we do is driven by you, our customers. Our aim is to help as many website owners with WordPress as possible. The goal is to get so many people comfortable with WordPress that it will power most of the internet. 


Fearless Leaeders

Stas Sotnik

Stas Sotnik

Project Manager

Maxim Arhipkin

Maxim Arhipkin

Creative Director

Jason Wardak

Jason Wardak

Visual Media


Our team of experts mission is to remove obstacles, we will make sure technology doesn’t stand in your way so you can stay focused on your business.