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Importance of Pictures in Google my Business 

Stas, Senior SEO specialist

2 July 2020

Usually business owners understand that they need to be registered with Google my Business to be visible to their local customers across Google’s services.

Based on the latest research we know that consumers end up on Google Maps business listings from a keyword search (like “Dentist near me”) far more often (around 84% of the time actually) than from business name search (Direct search). so keeping that in mind it is very important that your listing ranks high on Google Maps for these keywords that your potential customers are searching. More on Why Google My Business (GMB) is important for you can be found in Why rank Higher on Google Maps? blog post.

 Back to our min topic, when a business is competing for local search real estate, there are a lot of factors that Google algorithm takes in to consideration, and Image optimization is just on of those factors.


for Google Images help to determine that your business is a legitimate organization, it shows the personality of your brand and helps to increase trust and brand awareness this is why it is not a surprise that Google rewards businesses that include more high-quality images on their GMB profile

Adding several relevant images in your listing will help your business to stand out, achieve higher ranking and attract new customers. 

Ranking higher on Google Maps typically means ranking higher on Google Search as well.

How to add the right images to your business

You can update the images on your Google my Business profile by visiting, choosing the appropriate business, and selecting the “photos” tab.

At very least your listing should include:

  • A profile photo
  • A cover photo
  • Business logo

Ideally, your profile should include at least 5 images of your products/services/team or business premises.

if your business has a storefront, you can take a picture of your building, of you and your team, as well as your products or images that are relevant to the services you provide.

so instead of saying – “I have no images”, “I don’t know what images to take” get a bit creative, and find something to add. Keep in mind that the fact that the image is there is more important than anything else.

If everything else fails:

While it is not entirely true… if you absolutely have nothing to put on your listing, you can settle for stock photos or pictures from the web.

Google has published some guidance on uploading images to your Google my Business profile.  If you’re stuck for ideas or want to see what they say you may wish to take a look.

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